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Granite State Event

In Nashua, NH we competed at the Granite State District Event finishing 36th overall with a record of 6-10-0 (W-L-T). Thankfully we got picked by team 133, B.E.R.T. and team 1517, The Lumberjacks. We competed hard and made it to the semifinals as the 4th seeded alliance.

WPI District Event

In Worcester, MA we competed at the WPI District Event finishing 8th overall with a record of 14-6-0. We picked our own alliance that consisted of team 2877, Ligerbots and team 190, Gompei and the Herd who coincidentally were the home team .

Pine Tree

For our 3rd and final event we competed in the Pine Tree District Event over to Lewiston, ME. We finished 23rd with a record of 5-9-0. We got picked by our Mentor team 2648, Infinite Loop and team 4564, Orange Chaos.

District Championship

In Boston, MA we competed at the New England FRC Region Championship finishing 18th with a record of 7-5-0. Unfortunately we did not get picked for a final alliance, but we held our heads high and finished out regular season with a Bang...

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