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2023 – Jon R Doyle

The Charged Up season saw the team grow considerably with almost as many new students as those who were returning for a second year. We also moved into a new build space, generously donated by a neighbor in Richmond. In honor of this, the 2023 robot was named in memory of the garage's previous occupant & owner.

The Jon R Doyle was built based on REV robotics' ION designs. As usual, there were a few kinks to work out during our first competition, but it was solid enough that we were picked as the third member of Alliance 3 with alliance captain TJ² (88) and second pick Mechanical Mustangs (3314). And the alliance went on to win the SE Mass competition!

For our second competition and UNH, we were picked as the third member of Alliance 5 with alliance captain Blue Crew (6153) second pick Overdrive (8410).

Overall, this was an excellent season for our growing team!

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