COVID-19 3D PrintinG

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What we are doing

We are using 3d printers owned by our team, team members, and other local volunteers to print Face shields, "Ear Saver" straps to help the response to the COVID19 pandemic.  We are doing this together, alone from our own homes.  Funds for this have been crowd sourced by an amazing local response, and the products we are making are already paid for.   We are donating these free to anyone, with priority given to medical personnel, medical facilities, and emergency response workers. These are for local pickup in Richmond or Hallowell, Maine, specific pickup location to be determined once you contact us.

See below for information on the particular products we are making, how to request them, assemble them (face shields), and how to take care of them.


The design we are working with is found on National Institute of Health 3D Printing Exchange and has been recommended for clinical use:

It is known as the 3DVerkstan Shield, these are being printed all around the world.  (see picture at right) These are one-size-fits-most, from children ~8yrs up through adults with large heads.

To request these, please contact us directly with our email form to discuss your needs.  To date we have delivered over 4000 of these shields and have supplies to keep producing them for some time. 


Face Shields have been determined to be less effective than a cloth face covering by the CDC, due to the airborne nature of COVD19.  They are best used with a cloth face cover, or by those unable to wear a cloth face cover.  Please refer to the CDC website for further information and guidance:


Contact us directly to request


Ear Savers  are used by people required to wear surgical masks for long periods to reduce chafing on the ears.  The design we are printing was found on the National Institute of Health 3D Printing Exchange and has been recommended for clinical use.  We are making three sizes, 5", 6", & 7" straps. Use the link below to put in your request, please double check your contact information as you enter it.  

Request Ear Savers here

Link to original sources:

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the NIH or the creators of these designs and are not medical doctors.  These have been shared for community creation and use at your own risk. 


After you complete your request, we may contact you to verify details and availability before your request is fulfilled. We will do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that we are a small, volunteer group working from our homes in the Richmond, Maine area. Local pickup will be from a volunteer's porch (no contact) in Richmond, Maine with the straps bagged in ziplock baggies with a name on them to maintain appropriate social distance.  We are not set up for shipping or delivery, but let us know of your need and we can try to work something out.  Your answers to these questions will help us triage our work appropriately around urgency and availability.  If you have special request, use the Question/Comment field a the bottom to let us know what you need.

Request Ear Savers here

CARE TIPS (Shields and Ear Savers)

These are 3D printed out of PLA or PLA+ plastic.  They will melt if exposed to extreme temperatures.  Boiling water will deform them in less than a second (they will reharden quickly) and an autoclave will destroy it.  They can be sprayed or dipped with a bleach or alcohol solution, or washed with warm soapy water to sanitize.

The headband portion is likely to outlast the the clear shield.  The clear shields on the face shields are usable for a while, but will scratch if cleaned with abrasives.  A disinfecting wipe or spray will be fine, but again, extreme heat will destroy these.  The shield when worn out, can simply be removed and thrown away.  Replacement shields can be easily made from transparencies or requested from us if our supplies allow.  There is a video above on how to punch your own transparencies for replacements.

If your shield is too long for your face or bumps your shoulder when you turn your head, you can simply trim the bottom to suit with scissors.


To be crystal clear, we are providing these products for free.  Donations are neither required or expected.  Due to popular request, we have accepted donations from the public to contribute to the project.  We are currently well supplied, and do not need to purchase anything further to continue.

We have a GoFundMe running:

If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to "REM", our parent non-profit.

Alternatively, please also consider our friends at local food pantries, in light of the tremendous need they're filling right now. Their donation pages are: 
Richmond Area Food Pantry:

Hallowell Food Bank:

Help by Printing

If you want to help by printing with us or starting your own effort in your area that's fantastic.  Feel free to contact us to collaborate in this area or with questions about how to get started in your own area.  The models we're working with are all linked above.  We have also created a new page with tips we have assembled to help with rapid printing. 

See: 3D Printing for Speed

We have materials for folks working with us, community funded via a GoFundMe fundraiser.